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Neo-Chlor Stick

NEO-CHLOR STICK, the best-selling Sanitizer from Japan, is now available in SINGAPORE.

It kills 99.9% virus, bacteria and fungus!

In Japan, it is sold to hospital, nursery homes, schools/ kindergartens, public baths as well as to the consumer for surface environment and personal equipment sanitizing.

NEO-CHLOR STICK is packed in small sachet (1.6g) & it has 3E features:-
• Easy to handle – small sachet type
• Easy to use - fast dissolving granular
• Easy to make a solution of target chlorine concentration
• pH neutral (6.8 – 7.0)

Packing: 100 sachets per pack (1.6gram per sachet)

Price: $45.00 per pack ( Price is subject to GST)